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ABRRAS Conducts Intensive Training in Bahrain

ABRRAS Conducts Intensive Training in Bahrain

February 03, 2015 at 3:32 PM

During 2013/2014 there were incidents in Bahrain, where workers were exposed to high concentrations of Hydrogen Sulphide whilst working in civil construction, sewers and trenches. To ensure appropriate safety measures are used at all times in these environments, ABRRAS was asked to conduct training in Gas Detection, Confined Spaces and Breathing Apparatus.

ABRRAS was selected as the preferred training provider, due to approved status from the Ministry of Labour in Bahrain. The training was delivered to 42 staff of a Civil Works Construction Company, over two weeks in January 2015. The comprehensive training also involved equipment demonstration and practical sessions to ensure correct usage. 

The instructor, Mitch Watt, said "We treat personnel safety with a passion and regardless of the origins and education of the workforce we deliver training to the the most comprehensive and current standards. We have a buzz phrase in ABRRAS - why train to minimum industry safety standards when you can train to the best safety standards?"

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